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To produce a healthy alternative to conventional chocolate in terms of quality, environmental and social impact, nutrition, and flavor. Eating chocolate is an experience that should cause one to focus MINDFULLY on the moment at hand. Besides producing chocolate that tastes belicious, our goal is to bring awareness of the many injustices and human rights violations in the chocolate industry and empower the consumer to realize they can use their dollars to make a difference.

We choose to only support and buy from companies who align with our ideals of human rights, provide living wages, and ensure the highest organic practices. 2% of our profits are donated to Anti Slavery International. Check out Slave Free Chocolate to learn more about human rights issues within the chocolate industry.

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About the Founder

Belicious was founded by Beth Campbell, a fiery woman with a passion for life. She is an avid gardener, a mother, a soulful cook, and an African drum and dance teacher. She can often be found creating something wonderful, whether it be wildcrafted fruit meads, medicinal tinctures, or love potions, or creating nutitrious meals for her family.

While living in the rural Kootenay mountains of British Columbia, Canada she found the local selection of quality artisan chocolate was limited. Beth’s passion for nutrition and good taste inspired her to create her own recipes using superfoods and coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener. She began experimenting and learning the art of quality small batch chocolate making and thus Belicious was born.

An awareness of social and environmental injustices in the world led Belicious to mindfully source fairly traded cacao and other organic ingredients. Today Belicious operates out of a small chocolate facility and continues to produce quality chocolate with attention to detail at every step. To this day our founder can still be found dancing around the chocolate shop with the beats pumping… music on full volume, working her alchemy.

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