All 9 flavors are made with Rainforest alliance certified cacao paste and cacao butter and low glycemic coconut sugar. All bars are vegan and organic.

Turkish Treasure: 68% cacao, bold and stimulating, made with organic coffee, cardamon, lucuma, and vanilla

Bliss Berry: 69% cacao, made with local lavender essential oil, vanilla, and organic dried blueberries

Ancient Sea: OUR BESTSELLER! 64% cacao, made with Himalayan pink salt, organic almonds, and vanilla

Kootenay Coconut : 67% cacao, made with toasted coconut, vanilla bean, raw carob, cacao nibs and a hint of Himalayan pink salt

Merrimint: 72% cacao, made with vanilla bean, lucuma, raw carob, pure peppermint essential oil, and a hint of Himalayan pink salt

Maca Mama: ANOTHER OF OUR MOST POPULAR! 68% cacao, made with maca, lucuma, raw carob, vanilla, cacao nibs, and pink salt

Raspberry Kiss: 72% cacao, with tangy raspberries, lucuma, vanilla bean, and camu camu

Cocolait vegan milk chocolate: 58% cacao, smooth and creamy with lucuma, raw carob, vanilla bean, and vegan coconut milk powder.

Longevity: 54% cacao, smooth and spicy, the same base as above with added reishi (a beneficial mushroom), and Chemela Giri’s Winter Chai spice blend of organic ginger, organic black pepper, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon, and organic cloves.